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With the Greeters, every excursion is unique!

Do you dream of an authentic tour to share only with your friends, your better half or your family? Do you want to know the city like a local? The Greeters are here for you!
Visite guidée
Les greeters

The concept of excursions with a Greeter

These dedicated inhabitants will guide you around the city free of charge, sharing with you their anecdotes and showing you their favourite places They are not professional guides and perhaps they may not be able to answer all your questions, but they will share their love for their city, their tips and even their culture.

The aim of an excursion with a greeter is above all to interact in a friendly atmosphere. This is the opportunity to meet people who share the same interests, to discover new places in good spirits, or just to have some new experiences.

Practical information

  • What? Nice places, anecdotes, memories, insights… Share and discuss your interests with someone who shares them.

  • Where? In the city-centre, in the forest, in the Saint Remi District, at the Musée de la Reddition, in the vineyard… As many opportunities for excursions as places to discover!

  • When? Request a meeting one week before the date on the website at greeters-en-champagne.com. The Tourism Office will then contact you to set a date according to your availability and that of your greeter.

  • Who? Anyone can walk around with a greeter, alone or in a group (up to 6 people).

  • How much ? It’s free! These dedicated people offer you these unique moments of sharing on a volunteer basis.

Visite guidée avec les habitants

Did you know?

Greeters first appeared in New York in the nineties. At that time, the city had a bad reputation. It no longer attracted tourists, who saw it as being too big and too dangerous. One New Yorker had the idea of rebuild this image by conducting tours of the city herself, as she would have done for friends. She showed them its favourite sites, sharing its culture and its anecdotes.

This is how the concept originated, and today it has convinced the whole world!

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