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Culture and Religion - Today's Debates, Informed by the Theological Tradition

The 16 June 2022
ICP Campus de Reims
6 Rue Lieutenant Herduin
51100 REIMS
FranceGo to the address
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The Institut Catholique de Paris and the diocese of Reims and the Ardennes offer you ten meetings with theologians and research professors.

The unprecedented challenges of today's society raise questions for each of us.

To better measure these stakes, to feel informed in an enlightened way, follow this course of 10 evening meetings. Come and take advantage of recognized academic expertise to shed light on reality in the light of a scientific discipline: theology.


- January 20: Vatican II: a council to rediscover | Fr. Patrick Prétot, Benedictine monk of the Abbey of La Pierre-qui-Vire

- February 3: Silk Roads, Roads of Faith - Geopolitics of Religions in Eurasia | Pr. Emmanuel Lincot (on the campus of the Néoma school).

- March 24: Saint Paul, his contribution to the Church | RP. Christophe Raimbault

- April 21: The Church and theology in the public debate | Dr. Sylvain Brison

- May 19: Morality for all, a morality for each one? | Sr. Anne-Solen Kerdraon, auxiliary sister

- June 16: A holy Church: the challenges of ecclesiology today | Pr Dominique Waymel, Apostolic Sister of St. John

- September 15: Transmission of the faith: challenges and methods | Pr Isabelle Morel

- October 20: Canon law: theological and pastoral issues | Pr. Ludovic Danto, dean of the Faculty of Canon Law of the ICP

- November 17: Liturgy, a theological translation of the celebration in church | Dr Bénédicte Mariolle, Little Sister of the Poor

- December 15: Philosophical and managerial approach of the social doctrine of the Church | Pr Emilie Tardivel.

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